stop looking.

it's right there in front of you.

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everyones knows that i love a good tuesday morning, merely because i get to sleep in with my M and get to eat a healthy breakfast and swallow a gallon of coffee before i settle into school for my water painting class and fitness class. tuesdays if only there was a song dedicated to this great morning i think it would make it even more perfect,
my cup is on the window sill and im eating a beagle with garlic and herb cream cheese.
Im starting to come up with ideas as to what i will be getting people for christmas. speaking of i get a weird churning feeling in the pit of my stomach because i know it'll be a hassle with getting the time off work in order to get home for the holidays.
in any case ill be sitting on Cuba's beach sooner than i know it.
im excited for this trip for many reasons
A) first one in a long time,
C) Sunshine and OCEAN
D) i'll be able to read all those books that ive been putting aside for so long!!!!
i cant wait!!!!!

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i want to go on a plane and see the ocean. your tuesdys sound lovely.

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