stop looking.

it's right there in front of you.

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back home in montreal, i walked off into the streets and felt the glow of the city lights, it was a nice welcome, after about two weeks of feeling like a bloated goat I am back to normal. knock on wood. i went to alexandria, had a doctors appointment. but in reality i think i needed to get away. so this mini break was well worth the 40$. I got an explanation, a warm bed with fleece sheets, christmas decorations and a container of meatballs. it was nice.
but now its back to school to work and to a hopefully less stressful week. in anycase
lets just leave at it like that for now.
im going to sleep and maybe watch a lil S&TC. i mean how much can a boy have.
not enough ;)

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man that sounds nice.
i want meatballs and sex and the city.

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