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it seems like forever that i haven't posted, therefore a post is well deserved. In light of how crazy this time is, im sure everyone is stressed out, and have things up the ying yang, however i hope that you are taking the time to enjoy the scene and taking Polaroid's with your mind. I've been very busy with school and work and im sorry that i haven't called or written in forever, I'm here, just out.
Ive been staying at school after class pretty much every night working on projects and finishing up things before the end. however my apt has never been more clean and nice to sit in. I always say that i want carries apt from sex and the city pre movie. her eclectic of knacks around are so well put together. but in any case i wouldnt trade my apt for anything.
im tired and spacy. i feel as though i need to rest, not sleep but just lay down and close my eyes.
i think it would help.
i hope you are all doing fab.


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