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please be done.
montreal city seems to be getting colder and colder by the second. I'm not talking weather wise but people wise. Were is the love.? I uderstand that the end of the semester is here and that people are rushing around to get shit in and done. but in any case a nice smile or a wink is always nice to see.
on another hand i must must get my gear in full speed because i have three or four more things to get done, my huge projects are all out of the way now its a water color thing, a computer thing and an english essay all do next week.
my goal is to get almost everything out of the way this weekend after work because i need sleep and no stress during the weekend.
i also have to get alot of my christmas shopping done. I have some gifts that I have finished but i still need to get some of those last minute things.
ALSO I NEED TO DECORATE my house! fucking school. I dont have the time to do anything fun anymore.
why did i take such an intense course.
on a lighter note i feel good. and thats all what matters
I hope all of you are okay and here a reminder that SCHOOL IS ALMOST DONE...fornow!


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