stop looking.

it's right there in front of you.

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i am i sitting quietly in my living room, my upstairs neighbor is blasting, Abba's money money money in a rich mans world.
i find this to be amusing

leaves on the ground
its raining.
its one of those sleep in days, where the world just seems slow and still
and nothing matters but the warm blankets on your bed.
i wasnt feeling well yesterday and had to cancel my plans. i felt bad but i know that i would have been
a pain in the ass, complaining about how tired i was. so i scurried back home, threw on my pjs
and ate a little something and went to bed at 7. i dont remember the last time i went to bed at 7. probably when i was sick with the flu, i could barley open my eyes yesterday but i toughed it out and went to my three class's and knew that the day would some time end.
finally i feel a little tired but nothing compared to yesterday.
i would like a mountain of breakfast food right now.before i head off to work.
2-830 not so pleasant, but its raining so it'll be quite.

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ive been wasting my time looking at countless amounts of sex and the city and im not ashamed of it. I know that I have a hundred things to get done. But my heart is set in it. I just like escaping into it. and besides its only 30mins of sitting down. I know thats not alot. But i think that its okay for me to sit and enjoy what I like so much. In any case i just want to point out to everyone that you should do what you like when you like it. i dont want to do it any more. No more school for me. Please take me out of this school and take me to the ocean and let me swim and cry and dry in the sand.
i dont want to move.
i dont want to stand.
I dont want to creative for nothing.
please please please
this is a phase im well aware just let me rant goddamit.

what is that NOISE OUTSIDE
waking is is probably the hardest thing i do in the morning. its so repetitive and aggressive. Crazy alarm clock, arms all stiff, coffee machine didnt pour my drink of life. BUT i feel good today.
I dont know if its the weather, or lack of. But i think today will be a good one.
I have my week planed out- from mon to sun. time slotted for homework, hangouts and all the rest.
yes i think it will be a great day.
its semi sunny, which is nice, considering i have to walk to the metro.
the laundry is done and now my clothes all smell like home and momish.
i hope you all have a nice day.
do some yoga poses, it'll make you feel better~!

vaca dilemmas.
its already a new month and i can't wait until its over. I have a million and ones things to do, and I don't know how on earth i am going to accomplish these tasks, of course i will, seeing as i am a fierce child. but it'll be hard.
In any case these weekend was quite nice, work, which was well work, and then home with max which always nice.
I woke up super on time to get to work, how ever i forgot about the time change so it turns out i was there an hour early with nothing to do but read the same teen vogue, a hundred times. I swear if they put rachel bilson on the cover one more time i will no longer be a fan/.Im sick and tired of seeing the same old shit in that magazine. I mean it is hard to give a teen audience a little bit of fashion, beauty and informative articles without imposing the same old fucked up Celebes all the time. I love seeing, new models and new trends, new music and new ideas once and awhile, common TVOGUE give me a little variety. I only look forward to the Eva Chen articles, because lets face it she rocks the beauty socks off of any stylist. Plus I know that if we were friends she would end up giving me all the products she doesn't want. And were talking bucket loads.
I have a new screen saver. It's Mary Kate Olsen wearing a fab outfit of crop jeans and a tucked in black shirt, a pair of aviators and two Venti Starbucks cups in her hand.
Its nice.
enough about this. I have to get things in order. Like what the hell am I going to do about christmas vacation and how on earth am I going to get all this time off work. I hope he likes me a little more than usual seeing as I am asking for a little. I know I know, BUT ITS CUBA!!!!
i need this sunshine and I need the Ocean.
okay back to homework and all its glory. I have some rice to be eaten and some cake on the side.

pumpkin muffins.
happy hallows eve!
i really like how lj made it UNDEADJOURNAL ahahahah i laughed.
but in any manner today i was suppose to have class at 830 all the way till 445. but first class was cancelled and now here i am sitting in my bright and sunny living room and drinking the strongest coffee ive ever made.
life is good right now.
i dont think ill be dressing up today, i think however i will put on my huge glasses and pretend to be something. like a spy, and make people wonder who am I?
i think thats a good idea.
im so glad considering that we only have like 5 weeks left of school.
then its christmas hols and and then second semester. this year is going by so so so quickly it just seems like it was monday yesterday.
i had a weird dream that my step mums horse fell off a roof and i looked over and it was everywhere. it was gross, but i couldn't help but wonder, why the hell a horse was on a roof, with no walls to keep it in???
i think this is a symbol for me saying that I am no horse that will be tamed. I need to be free despite the consequence, and in this case....death, which by the way i dont plan on it.
in any case, im conjuring up a storm, i have some ideas that will allow me to be on the creative side more often. I think that will help ease the pain of winter.
ps- im going to cuba
ciao- or however they say it!

1847 GT
sunday is my day. i didn't have to get up while it was still dark, haul myself over to a bus stop and run to get to work on time. no today was a laze around, feel good day. I'm home alone, listening to feel good songs and eating homemade food. macaroni salad to be exact made by Max's grandmum.
i came home to a spotless house yesterday, his mother and grandmum came over and did all the huge fall cleaning. also considering that max is having a family get together next saturday and they didn't want them to see the house as a dump. so everything smells cleans, like Fabreeze and Mr.Clean.
I had a day planned with activities, and homework and baking, but i figured i was to enjoy this lazy time and do nothing but relax and watch tv and surf the net things that i hardly do anymore. ill also try to sneak in some homework time in there somewhere.
its erie how the house is so quite. nothing but the sounds of the fridge, my typing and the little murmur of broken social scene that i have one notch before mute.
i like this.
it makes my mind think. and im presumably happy at this instant.
im going to join a yoga class. there a beautiful studio up my road, that looks over the canal and the mountain.
i think i'll do. i figured since i dont go out and i dont drink nor do i do drugs, i will indulge into something that is good for me. plus the instructors...... we'll just leave it at that.
i feel inspired and i feel it necessary to take up all the seconds of the day with something.
i just received a text from someone saying that Gillette clinical strength deodorant is awesome.
i told them i'll put it on my list.
in any case i'm going to get busy.
i know its a grey day but grey days can be nice. it mutes out the world and allows you to appreciate the colors that you exude.
wear a scarf.

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after a long night of studying in the cafe, i got home and after five minutes of just settling in, i was whisked away back down town to the same coffee house with another old friend. it was nice. we had conversations that really expanded my mind and it was just night to listen and take in the interest of another person. i really do like listening. today was a brush by. work and food and tomorrow party and work so so so early. i feel as though i need to sleep for a good 12 hours and then another 12 hours. then i will be refreshed and not have bag underneath my eyes. those dears have to go.
i took a nap tonight right after dinner. when i was falling asleep i was scared that my heart would stop. im guessing its being over tired
non the less it was scary.
ill be fine.
just an 85 $ massage and a day at the spa.
ill feel better.

how little it matters
sitting in starbucks with mj is super nice.
i like these moments alot.
enjoy the cold breeze.

its me and you
i was pleased with this weekends activities. everything turned out wonderful.
i was glad to get away from the noise and be still for five minutes. the country air is completely different from the city air, more moister and calm. the stars were amazing to see. i missed the way the looked like. im glad i was able to clear my head, and regenerate for the next couple of weeks. Im sure that they will be crazy. i know it.
i was glad to spend time with my mum. she really placed things into perspective for me. my life is reordered and i feel content about it.
i do not remember the last time that i laughed so much. just my mum and my brother laying on the bed and talking about old memories and bringing up the pass. it was nice and a bit emotional. i miss her so much.
coming back to the city was a little weird knowing that my schedule is planned three months in advance.
mj and i are going to see the andy worhol exhibition . i'm excited and my homework is slowly but surley getting accomplished. i think its going to be okay.
i miss you all and be good.


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